GUI Issue - Cubase 10.5 MacOs Makes Arrangement Window and Faders Transparent

Recently added the 10.5.11 hotfix which appears to have trashed all of my theme preferences without the ability to save them again. In most cases, everything turned grey. Even worse, it caused my arrangement window background, events and mixer faders to all become transparent. Trashing prefs/restart didn’t help.

Went to System Preferences >> Accessibility >> Display and turned on ‘Reduce transparency’ - It’s been a couple of hours now and several restarts of Cubase (to test) and all appears to be back to normal (and visible :smiley: ).

Hopefully it sticks!

Hi and welcome,

This is known Cubase issue. Unfortunately this happens time to time for some users. It’s already described here on the forum many times.

Hi Martin, Thanks so much and appreciate the response. Cheers.