GUI Issue - Tabs won't expand

More issues and more issues! I recommend you just switching your DAW like most people… Either that or stay dealing with one problem after the next more than actually using the program.

hi onemidi :slight_smile:

Considering the fact that you received excellent help and Support on some of your Major issues here… wouldn’t it be fair to remove - or edit your last post here? :slight_smile:

Hth, Ernst

Restart you computer… And then fine it works! What is exactly the problem here? Do you guys let your computer open all week long??? Its a good idea to refresh at least twice a day…

While we’re on the subject of GUI how do I turn of the context sensitive menu thing that just pops up out of nowhere asking me if I want to show or hide stuff.
It’s awful and been annoying me ALL day!

Actually turning off your computer and then on again could help only in case that you have the feature “fast startup” turn off in your Windows (since Windows 8). This “fast startup” actually hibernates your computer after logging you out, leading to boosted system startup speed.

Under windows 10 the drivers gets saved/loaded and not the apps with a power down/up
A better way of hibernate so to speak.
A reboot reloads everything, and does not use any boot time acceleration

Problem solved?

Since this bug is common with Cubase/Windows the moderator should post the fix in the Anouncements. It would save people a lot of grief.