GUI Issue when going to mix view

Ive attached a video because i don’t know how to describe this problem

When ever load a project stereo out is unseen i must narrow the faders to have stereo out fader appear

then if i switch to project and back to mixer it ads a space . each time adding a space (see video)

any ideas? is this a bug or setting issue?




Not seen this behaviour before…but try this:

Go to the MC functions menu at top right of mixer (Down arrow).
Hold ALT before clicking on it.
Select Reset MixConsole Window (NOT MixConsole Channels which will zero your mix).

Any change?

Thanks for the Reply

Did as instructed but still have the issue, without zones selected there is no problem , only when i set up zones can i duplicate the issue. I’ve seen tutorial videos where the Use has zones set like i have and it docent seem to be having the issue. Recently performed a fresh instal of Cubase, i had this problem before and after. i think its something caused because this project was started in Cubase 8… I’ve checked the couple projects i started in cubase 8.5 and can not duplicate the problem