GUI issue

Hi there,

I love the new features of Dorico Pro 2 and the little GUI tweaks to save screen space on smaller displays… like my MacBook Pro 13".
The righthand panels in Write mode have been slimmed, which works perfectly except for the content of the Repeats panel. I think it’s kind of unaesthetic that I need to scroll horizontally to see and access certain tremolo options. How about reducing the size of (or distance between) these elements and the buttons for slashes and bar repeats to approx. the size of the “copy note-spacing” button in Engrave mode?

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Do you have any suggestions for shorter translations we could use for those two buttons ‘Create Slash Region’ and ‘Create Bar Repeat Region’?

Jochen, it’s not the GUI, it is the German language :wink:
„Region mit Strichnotation erzeugen“ is 34 characters including the spaces. (English 19)
„Region mit Taktwiederholung erzeugen“ is even 36 characters long. (English 24)

“Neue Faulenzerregion”/“Neue Faulenzer-Region"
“Neue Strichregion”/“Neue Strich-Region”

“New” instead of create/erzeugen

The more I think about it …
Are the regions really that important in that context?
Couldn’t you say “New slash notation” / “New bar repeat” without compromising anything?
German: “Neue Strichnotation” / “Neuer Faulenzer”

There are other GUI problems which are not language related, see screenshot from playing techniques editor.

German is notoriously long-winded; but then, the English text that Daniel quoted is not short either!

Other programs that I use (e.g. Samplitude) avoid word description in such areas, substituting an icon which, as with Dorico’s icons, shows text when hovering over it with the mouse. A shortcut also appears with the text.

However, with these other programs, I personally prefer to memorise the shortcut and hide the graphic interface.

I should explain that I am not good with icons. Without looking them up, it is frequently not obvious to me what they indicate, though Samplitude helps by using full colour in their icons, whereas Dorico restricts itself to monochrome line drawings.


In this case (and maybe in similar cases), can’t ‘Slash Region’ and ‘Bar Repeat Region’ be enough to understand that that kind of regions will be created?


If you look at the left panel in Engrave mode, you will notice that “Notenzeilenspationierung kopieren…” is also 36 characters long and it fits nicely because of the smaller font size. If you are about to slightly shorten the terms, I suggest “Neue Strichnotenregion” for ‘Create Slash Region’ and “Neue Taktwiederholungsregion” for ‘Create Bar Repeat Region’.

Why “Taktwiederholung” when you can say “Faulenzer” (for Non-Germans: lazy person)?
As much as Faulenzer is a colloquial term in everyday language, as much it is an accepted term in music notation, comparable to “Schusterjunge” (shoemaker’s boy) and “Hurenkind” (sl*t’s child) in print. Both seem to be awkward terms, especially the latter, but they are accepted pro terms in print business – and very old, btw.

Ich mag es und bin dafür!


I would stick to “Taktwiederholung”. “Faulenzer” is a ambiguous. The term is somtimes also used for note repeat signs or tremolos.

I would also leave out “create” (“erstellen”). I should be clear, that erverything you click on the right hand panel will create (or modify) something.

Just to make it a bit more complicate: I think “Bereich” would be a better translation for “region” in this case.

Therefore I would suggest:
(Neuer) Bereich mit (oder “für”) Taktwiederholung

(Neuer) Bereich mit Strichnotation


Bar repeat symbols and slash notes are icons in their own right and could easily replace the long-winded description. A yellow flag that shows an explanatory term would be enough.

Ich mag es und bin dafür :wink: