Gui issue

After I save and close my project and mix windows, there’s still a menu bar at the top of my screen with nothing but my desktop showing. Is this normal for 8 Pro? I’ve had every version of Cubase and this is the first time I’ve ever encountered this situation.

From what I have noticed, what you are closing out of is the Project Window or the current project/song/whatever you are working on. The bar at the top is separate so you are able to close your current project without actually closing Cubase all together.

Yes it’s normal (sort of). They started using Areo Windows with C8. That tool bar at the top is Cubase running without having a project open. If you toggle the button to maximize the window (next to the window close button in the upper right corner) it will switch between the toolbar with a blank page covering the entire window and just the toolbar. Hopefully their window management will evolve into something a bit more standard in the future.

Thanks raino.