GUI issues in Cubase 10.5 and mouse issues?

I have no idea how to explain these issues. Still, I recorded a couple of videos to help show what is happening; this behavior is new, I never experienced either of these two issues on Cubase 10, as I just updated today.

This one is some sort of weird issue with the mouse in Cubase; it’s glitching out and registering what I think are many multiple clicks of the Left mouse button? Maybe someone else has more info, and this doesn’t happen in any other piece of software. Watch the mouse cursor; I only click once.

In this second video, I’m having an issue with specific VST plugins causing some sort of GUI lag so severe it has been causing inputs to get backed up, especially when undoing-redoing or deleting multiple channels. It’s noticeable adding audio tracks, midi channels, or even adding instruments. As soon as I remove those certain VSTs the software works as it should, except for the other issue which I explain above ^^

It has happened with my old profiles/preferences, and I have since deleted all of my preferences, hoping it would alleviate, but I’ve had no such luck.


What graphic card do you have, please?

PC information
Intel i7 7800X
32 GB RAM (running at 2666)
Asus x299 prime deluxe
Windows 10 1909
EVGA 1080 TI

have same problem!
It happened only when Sonarworks loaded inside cubase (in project or Control Room)
Without sonarworks - everything ok

Dang! Working without room correction is just really out of the question for me too.

Out of curiosity, do you experience the same issues as I have with your mouse cursor seeming to trigger things multiple times, or glitching out like in the first video? Just trying to see if this is somehow one issue or two separate issues.


Could you try to uninstall the graphic card driver and use the generic Windows graphic card driver, please?

oh, didn’t watch this vid, sorry.
i c problem, doesn’t have it on my side. im on 10.0.60

looks like you have problems with Mouse, maybe something wrong with Left Mouse button.

Same behavior as before.

Any update? Cubase is still unusable, where might I be able to go to seek further support or are these forums the only place?


Could you try to uninstall the graphic card driver and use the generic Windows graphic card driver, please?

Hi, unfortunately as I said… Same exact behavior as before.

I started having similar problems and even started a similar post Everything seems slower all of the sudden? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I seem to have sorted out and even improved performance beyond what it was before the issue became a real drag.

I also suspected it could be the graphics driver (I have Nvidia 1080), especially since the video driver had also been recently updated. I went into the Nvidia control panel and turned everything to either “off” or “maximum performance” and that seems to have cleared things up. Plugins open very snappily and the GUI is responsive and smooth again. Hope this helps anyone out there.

And using generic Windows video isn’t an option for me because I drive 4 monitors off my video card.

Was definitely worth a try but it didn’t seem to change anything over here, I’ll keep messing around with it. Thanks!

Formatted my entire computer and the issue STILL persists.

Can I just get my money back?