GUI issues on 13 Pro

Hi all… just trying to see if anyone else is seeing random GUI issues. In particular, when I go in to various menus, as I mouse over tabs, the GUI “redraws” different things. Be it the top tabs selection of a given menu, or the items in a drop down or pop up menu… they always seem to redraw differently as I mouse over them.
On a PC, Windows 11, plenty of ram, ssd, etc. My system is plenty capable. AMD GPU (6900xt).
It seems to only affect menus within Cubase. The VST plugins dont seem to have this issue that I Can tell.


Yeah! I saw something previously today. It looked totally Windows 95 to me! :rofl:

I’ve been checking, Tweaking, and updating many things on my PC and have improved the GUI issues But I think it was this that made the most improvement, Would be good if someone else could confirm this [1]
Adding Cubase to the AMD Adrenalin app! has made My Cubase 13 GUI more stable, Changing the Global Graphics settings seems to have strange results.
But adding Cubase to the game graphics manager in Adrenalin has had positive results, I still get issues But it’s much more Stable.

Yes…and I’ve contributed my crazy cb13 gui stuff. There ARE at least 2-3 threads going on this.

It’s ok though. I’ll use 12 until sb figures the solutions.

I have the same problem on win 11 my graphics card is amd 6600…

I’ve been having the same problem, man! It’s driving me nuts!!!

Well I hope someone at Cubase/Steinberg is reading all this and escalating it. I do this for fun, hobby… so I am not going to downgrade after paying the upgrade price. But hopefully it wont be long before they figure out what is going on. Curious if its related to AMD drivers or nvidia cards seeing similar issues.
I get it though… there are a plethora of cards out there, even if they run the same driver, ever maker may have some implementation differences. So Steinberg can only do so much and hope to resolve issues quickly (I hope) once they start cropping up.

Well i am pretty surre they won’t do anything super low level but just use a DirectDraw API command that is offered by microsoft and badly supported by AMD. The graphics card vendors need to fix this!

There is an ongoing thread on this topic with also valuable information to solve the issue in some of the cases:

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