GUI issues with 10.3

First of all thanks a lot for the Update 10.3 and its new functionality. There seem to be some issues with the GUI though, e.g. when zooming all the way out and selecting multiple events (smaller events) they mainly appear black and you can’t tell if they’re selected or not. Furthermore colors of events seem to be more saturated and brighter now which makes it really exhausting for my eyes looking at it the whole day. I’ve also noticed many inconsistencies: the search entry in the media bay appears in white whereas other entries are in black, some words became hard to read (e.g. in DOP) or the selected tab in VST Connections - things like that often occur throughout the whole new gui which i’d suggest to have a closer look at again. The color scheme preference in the program settings doesn’t seem to be finished as well.

Mac or Windows?

Windows (10)

some screenshots to see what i mean (although it’s not that obvious when looking at the screenshots). In 10.3 colors are much harder to look at for a long time. 10.20 was more pleasant to me

Just change your Nuendo display preferences to a lighter shade of either track colors or interface color. It’s quite flexible to set it as you find comfortable.

You may also have a color display profile set up for your video card which could be tied to the 10.2 and you may need to set that for 10.3 as it’s a completely different application.