GUI Issues with Metric AB

Just got my fresh copy of Wave Lab 10.
I am a 10+ year user of Cubase. Never encountered a GUI issue until now.
When I open Up Metric AB in any format, VST2 or VST3, the GUI turns up as A generic editor. :question: In Cubase it allows me to switch it to the normal editor.
It has happened with a few other plugins but as I open them up again the issue has resolved except for Metric AB.
I have included an image of the plugin in WaveLab as I open it and one in Cubase Pro as I open it.
Any one encountered an issue like this before?
Any help is really appreciated.

Welcome to WaveLab. I’m not sure why Metric AB defaulted to this, but if you look in the WaveLab Preferences, in the Plugin section there is an option to show plugin GUIs as Generic. This checkbox is probably somehow checked for Metric AB.

See if my attached screen shot helps you find the “GEN” column for Metric AB in the Plugin Preferences and simply unchecking that box should solve it.

You are awesome. That was it… I truly appreciate it.
Loved your last Video BTW…
Thank you!!!

No problem. Normally, a plugin should not default to the Generic (GEN) GUI but I’ve heard of it happening a few times. I’m glad it was a simple fix.