GUI issues with plugins with latest 10.0.40 update

I’m running a mac pro on High Sierra. Just updated from 10.0.20 to 10.0.40. Now the plugins in the master section are giving me a blank GUI and I have to click away from the plugin window and back again in order to see it. This is constantly happening. It even happens with Master rig. Has anyone else had this issue? It wasn’t happening on 10.0.20. Thanks!

This is a known issue with High Sierra:

At this point it’s strange for Steinberg to keep High Sierra listed as a supported MacOS. It’s just going to lead to more reports like this. Especially since it seems to have been more OK with 10.0.20 than it is with 10.0.30 and higher, which leads me to believe it’s not going to get fixed.

Windows has only one supported OS version (Windows 10), and Mac has three listed, although 2 are really only usable.


I’ve some issues on Catalina too. Some UAD plugs and SIR Audio Plugs…