GUI Lag/Delay

I’ve been using Cubase for years and I’ve had no issues with any visual delay with Cubase. I’ve recently upgraded from 9.5 to 10 and it seems like there is a half second to one second delay with anything I try to do with the mouse. If I just mouse over automation on a track, it takes about a half second for the cursor to change into the draw/pencil too. Even on menus, just moving the mouse up and down it has a delay to highlight the option blue.

Also, if I click on a track it takes about a second to highlight that track. Scrolling up and down is the same thing.

I’ve tried changing the processor precision to 32bit float from 64 bit, but it didn’t help. Any help is appreciated.

Windows 10, Cubas 10.0.15, i7, 64GB Ram, Nvidia Titan XP.


Try to start Cubase in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please.

Also try to search the forum for Nvidia performance optimization, please.

GUI almost unusable due to time lag when using mouse.

Open a ‘New Project’ with default settings. No project or track is opened and nothing else loaded. In the main window using the mouse select horizontal scroll bar and move to right. Nothing happens for approx 3 - 4 sec then the window scrolls (jumps) to the right but only half way to where the mouse arrow stopped . If moved in opposite direction there is again a 3 - 4 sec delay and a jump by the play head.

If a plugin or FX is selected from right hand side window and dragged to the main window nothing happens for 3 - 4 sec. Items selected with left mouse button highlight straight away but do not react (move or open) for at least 4 seconds.

Menu items open almost instantly when selected with the mouse. Also, ‘most’ key commands work fairly normally (after 1 - 2sec). Sound/playback seems unaffected

All drivers for graphics and sound cards are up-to-date. Nothing else is running in the background.

System was smooth and working flawlessly with CB 9.04.0

pc spec: Win 10pro x64. RAM - 6GB
Graphics Card - GT 230
Sound Card - Creative Audigy Pro 2ZS