GUI lag on Cubase 9.5.41 and 10, tried everything [WITH VIDEO OF THE PROBLEM]

Hello folks.

I got Cubase 9.5.41. I have a GUI lag problem since I updated my cubase from 8 to 9.5.

When i stretch events, use VST, adding channels but expecially when I drop high and low the volume of the single event, Cubase need about 1-2 second before responding to my commands: I can’t use it, it’s annoying too much. And the volume is ONLY one annoying LAG problem of ALL cubase interface.

I’ve read that it could be the version, and I tried the 10 with the e-licenser of a friend: same problem.

I’ve also read the the problem could be the graphic card (nVidia GT 1070): so I tried with an ATI R9 270X, same problem.

I’ve tryed all setups in audio interface (I got a MOTU 8pre Firewire), again nothing. So i installed Generic Low Latency ASIO and used internal audio interface: same problem.

Please help me :frowning:

UP! :frowning:


up again