Gui lag/stutter


There doesn’t seem to be much complaint of GUI lag/stutter about Nuendo 10.

Im on OSX High Sierra. Are there any setting that can help solve this?


On my setup, I made these obsevations:

The higher the resolution of the screen, the choppier the gui. 4K with zoom to different scalings,( esp higher equivivalt resolutions 2580x1440 and higher) seems to bring my computer to its knees. Native (low res) resolutions works smoother even over 2580x1440. Swapping from the original slow gpu to rx560 made no difference. (Had to change due to metal incompability).

The other factor for me is the number of objects in the project window, visible channels of the mixer etc. A medium sized band recording project. 40-50 audiotracks with 3-4 events per track might work but if I chop the drums up at every transient/hit, it slows the gui to a grind. CPU can be at 10% and under, gui still jerks and lags. Latency settings make small or no difference.

There is a bottleneck somewhere. Can’t see any obvious reason since the system seems to be idling. I wonder how a modern system would compare. Like 6-core mac mini…

Meanwhile, the bigger the project the lower the screen res. Kind of backwards.

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Same here… surely they must be able to solve this? Zooming or drag gaming a track up or down in the track list is embarrassingly slow when clients are watching. “Why don’t you use protools?”