GUI - let's have more customization to make it look better

Updated to Wavelab 8 and found that simple features regarding the GUI design elements were gone!?

I’m talking about the different styles, that in the new version was limited to two… please let us have at least the removed ones back, so we have a handful to choose from.

But another feature that I can’t find anywhere is a bigger deal:
I’m talking about the so-called “metallic hue” that could be switched between ‘Native’ and ‘Blue-shaded’. That option is gone so now we only have Blue-shaded. And now the new default style have this blue-shade all over the place.

For those who care about colors this is a pain, as this blue-shaded color clash with the colors the user makes on the waveforms, so it looks messy and moreover many of us simply don’t like the blue shade. Please update this so it at least can be as in WL7 - or even better make it even more customizable. I would suggest that users can change both the hue and saturation as well as the brightness and contrast.

I know there has been a lot of talk about the GUI in Wavelab, and for good reasons, so reducing the options to make personal tweaks is a big disappointment.

Please do the best to bring back user customization, and let us know why these simple tools were removed.!?

Mads Lj

Supporting several styles properly means more time. In WaveLab 8, the choice has been to concentrate on a new style that would provide some nice stuff like the colored tabs, some better hilights, better contrasts for check boxes, some button animations, etc.
The old options you speak about, were not nice with this new style, this is why they have been removed.

What I ask for is better customization - Wavelab 8 gives us less.

It’s fine that focus was a new style, but it’s no good if you don’t like the style. At least give us ways to pick our own colors for the new style…!

Please - I wished I’d like it as WL8 is now - but I don’t - and that has to do with default colors, more than anything else.

Mads Lj

Some more customization might happen in the future, indeed. But not for 8.0.x update.

I can only say that I do look forward to it…!

Mads Lj