GUI problem: Can't read plugin names.


I’m a long time Cubase user (10+ years), but haven’t used the forums actively before - but now i need some help/wisdom.
For the last years I have been happily making records using cubase 9 artist.
I have been interested in a few pro features for a while, so last week i upgraded to cubase 10 pro.

The new features are great, but I have run into a problem that is really messing up my productivity/ceativity. The layout of the text in insert slots has changed, and now I can’t read the names of my plugins. In cubase artist 9, the layout was different (two lines - one for the ‘e’ and one for the name), and the font was smaller. Please see attached images (before and after upgrade).

I have done some digging here on the steinberg forums, and haven’t found any solution. Neither have I been able to conclude if it’s a problem that is due to upgrading from 9 to 10, or from artist to pro. I am guessing it’s a change that has been made to help people on high res display, but on a 2012 macbook pro, this is a small disaster. I really can’t work like this - if anyone has a solution, I’d be so thankful!