GUI reaction slow

Hi all,

I recently discovered that the GUI in WL Pro 11 is really slow.

  • Playback starts with delay up to 1 second after hitting play.
  • Dragging points on EQ-curve is extremely slow.

Other applications like Cubase Pro or ProTools are running normally and smoothly.

Anybody with similar issues?

Thanks a lot in advance


WaveLab Pro 11.1.20
Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
i5-7500 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3408 MHz, 4 Core(s)
256 GB M2. Drive for OS and apps

No, WaveLab is very responsive.
But do you have maybe a disconnected network drive displayed in the WaveLab file browser? That could be the cause.

Thanks for your quick reply.

No connected network drive on this machine.
But I cross-checked with my notebook. There is a disconnected network drive but WaveLab runs smoothly on the notebook.

GUI issue is not noticeable in Frequency EQ or Voxengo Curve EQ, but e.g. in StudioEQ, MasterRig or Compressor


Some Logitech applications seemed to cause the issue.
I’m using Logitech mouse and keyboards (both wireless), also a Kensington SlimBlade.
After deinstalling the Logitech applications the GUI-behaviour got better. Not sure if this solved the issue completely.
Will continue watching it.

Thanks for the update.