GUI Steinberg "Stereo Tools" not working (UBK also)

I could’nt find anything on the forum so a new threat.

In montage I’m working on some masters and when I switch from the vst Clip view to Track or Master view and than going back, the parameters went to 0 and also the GUI sliders, but the level is still at the point where I set it. When I disable the Stereo Tools plugin I hear the level drop but still the GUI isn’t working.

Somebody familiar with this issue??? (maybe a solution? sometimes the knobs of my UBK Clariphonic are disappearing when I switch true the vst’s in my chain)

Very annoying when you want to turn the knobs

This is an known issue, indeed.

Aaaah ok thank you for the quick reply. Hopefully it wil be fixed in a future update.