GUI - Well done!

The new GUI look is really, really good. I worked on 10 last night and this morning and you guys have done a fantastic job! Somehow you’ve smoothed things, but made everything clearer and neater. It’s so slick. At first I thought it was a bit too dark, but now I can’t look at 8! :smiley:

When you spend the hours we do staring at a screen, looks become important.

Thank you guys!!!

I was afraid it was too dark, judging from the screenshots. I guess you have to see it for some time to get used to it. But then again, not everybody is happy.

I guess I’ll wait for the demo version and have a look then.

I fully agree Robin !

I like what I’m seeing so far. Lots of little changes (the tool bars in the mixer and the arrange page, the icons…) and bigger ones too like new GUI for plugins, miniature for plugins etc.
Nuendo looks crispier.

Now to learn all the new functions because the jump from 8 really feels like two versions up.

Bravo !
A very happy customer. :slight_smile:

The new GUI is a pain to be very honest.

To each his own, it is a matter of taste.

No need to try to redirect to your own thread. :wink:

I think you are not aware of that ergonomy in the field is a field of its own, it has nothing to do with taste.

If you have no knowledge about this or even do not know the difference between that and what you are talking about,
then please be so kind and stick out of such discussion, many thanks.

Let’s keep it civil please!

I have several setups and engineers here, some of which are CB10 Pro and the others Nuendo 8. All here prefer the updated GUI on CB10 Pro. Installed Nuendo on the other machines yesterday, up and running and all very happy.

Actually, on a 4K UHD display with 200% scale on Win10, there is no way to find a right resolution to work with! Thats a pita!

What was this ?
You’re making a lot of assumptions in one sentence here…
You started a thread about what you dislike in the GUI. I was merely suggesting you to stick to that one instead of trying to pollute this one.
I think you’re over reacting and maybe lacking diplomacy skills.
I’m enjoying my Nuendo 10.

Exactly. +1. Much seems about ‘dark’. Alternatively, just lighten up the UI in the prefs, takes about 2 secs. And some other options there to tweak, marker range colours, etc etc.

+ 1 !!!

I absolutely agree with you! :sunglasses:

N10 looks really good on my 4k flat screen too - great GUI improvements! it’s really fun to work for hours with it.

on the edge, I hate Logic´s toyish GUI design, in S1 the 2D flat GUI design is horrible and so bad on the eyes, especially if you work with more than 50+ tracks (LOL) comparatively. :confused:


I just switched to Nuendo 10 from Logic and have been running the demo for Nuendo 8 for the past couple of weeks. I quite like the new GUI. Not as awesome as Logic’s (personal preference) but I feel it’s a lot better than 8. I can’t stand Protools’ UI.

Yeah, it really does feel like two versions up!! :smiley:

I also really like the new interface, HOWEVER, I hope that Steinberg will add 125% and 150% scaling… right now it’s a pain in the neck, so I leave it at 100% on my 32 inch 4k monitors. It’s slightly hard to see sometimes, but 200% is WAY too big. 125% or 150% would be perfect.

Steinberg, PLEASE improve the scaling to allow for other intervals!

EDIT: I’m on Windows 10

Well done indeed!

Only way around this is to disable HiDPI unfortunately.

The only thing that should change is any box with dialogue or a lot of text, lists, etc, should be inverted as so:

no contest as to which is better. Dark Text, Light Background. This way it “pops” ontop of project window/mixer which has bright elements like coloured regions, and such. so hard to read otherwise, too many lighter colours pulling at the eyes when trying to read text. Design 101.

I’m fine with the default colour scheme otherwise which makes it nice and easy to see the coloured regions and audio without your eyes being pulled.

I haven’t really tested out ver 10 yet so I don’t have an opinion about this specific version’s look, but if it’s limited to dialog boxes then I don’t really care as long as I understand what’s what. I look at dialog boxes a fraction of the time I’m in a DAW so it won’t bother me. If it was a general GUI problem I’d be worried.

ugly. :open_mouth:

And this makes no sense to have Arrange+Mixer in dark, but dialogue boxes in light etc. :confused:

My opinion: it is better to have a GUI - with all components - completely in the same color.

Such half-baked light / dark experiments are horrible and absolutely suboptimal.


How is it ugly?? We’re talking about a friggin box bro, not the colour of wall paint in a room. :confused: I mean, I find the look of it irrelevant, whether it’s beautiful or ‘ugly’ or how many beers I would need to sleep with it :laughing: … the point is, it’s easier to read the text, which to be frank, is just bloody undeniably easier to read… Design 101 bro.

and how it makes sense is, you don’t leave the windows open when you’re navigating the arranger/mixer… so yea it actually does make sense when you consider you only have them open momentarily, and in that moment, it’s what you want to be focusing on.

There is no focus between the pop up windows and the arranger/mixer which is what actually, really, for real, actually, makes no sense

Not sure what you guys are smoking, but you need better s|=:it