GUI went crazy after taking snapshots of 3rd-party plugins

Dear Steinberg staff,

after series of snaphot takes of 3rd-party plugins I did scrolls up and down in the Right Zone (Media/FX) to have an overview of all those nice pictures…

During those scrolls the GUI went crazy the way you can see in attached screenshot.

I did reinstall. I did complete uninstall and install from scratch. The GUI behavior remains the same.
When launch Cubase Pro 9.5 the GUI is OK.

I am running:
Cubase Pro 10.0.5
HP Z420 Workastation
NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030
3840x2160 resolution
Windows 10 Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.441)

Please solve this bug as a priority.



my intuition led me into Preferences dialog to check if something happened in User Interface items.

I found that any of the colors were not chosen! Instead of a color in the squares there were a chessboard!

To set Default for all items under User Interface helped to solve the issue.

Now it is OK again, but I still think it is a kind of graphic bug to solve.