GUI went haywire!


My GUI decided to go nuts. Not really sure what happened here. All of my fader colors are now changed to Navy blue. The background is a dark olive green, almost black.

I don’t mind the way it looks, but the fact that it did this mid-project on it’s own is a little unacceptable

Also, Inserts switch for on or off is not showing up correctly either. I can’t tell by the attached picture that the insert is actually active.

I am able to get the GUI to look normal by reloading my Preferences. I have to do this every time I launch N8.

The new color management system definitely seems to be broken. I’ve run into the issue where all my colors are reset and I end up with a similar look to yours.

Did anyone else have their on/off buttons disappear on their inserts?

I am missing the legending of the Mute Solo Listen Edit buttons in the mixer.
Now they’re just gray…