GUI white window

Hello, my vst plugins’ appearence sometimes break and doesn’t show plugin correctly (invisible features).
note: it might be the VST bridge issue? some of my plugins are still 32bit and goes throught the bridge - this thing is messing my life.

Oh and is this the known issue called “Crash on exit”?

exit issue.jpg
GUI issue.jpg

This is typical behaviour that a 32bit system sees when running out of memory so you could be right about the bridging being the problem.
Easy enough for you to test this theory yourself with a couple of test projects one using 64bit ony and the other using 32bit bridged plugs.

If it does turn out to be bridging you might want to try Jbridge.

note: ive noticed this currently only happens on my WavesV9 series! :smiley: funny. Perhaps a reinstallationg of the bundle with only 64bit customed will solve it.

If you want to continue using your 32 bit plugins getting jBridge is a must. The Steinberg bridge is very unreliable and it exists only to allow you to open projects made with 32 bit Cubase in the 64 bit version.

Think this is a bug with waves…search waves plugins blank gui.
Fixes seem to vary from plugin updates to graphics driver updates to switching to 16bit colour in Windows.

tnx u both, I go look for the waves bug if exists, and turn over 64bit only or Jbridge.

it’s because waves use open GL and for some reason your system or GFx drivers aren’t .

you’ve not turned off Aero by any chance have you? that will stop your computer using open GL

edit… I can see you haven’t :slight_smile: