Guidance for using Bitfocus Companion with Nuendo

Hi guys.

So I’ve decided to try emulating a button command surface with Bitfocus Companion to have macros to hand. I need some advice from anyone who’s successfully got this working.

Problem is, i’ve spend the past few days digging and diving and i’m really struggling to figure out how to get this working because I can’t connect Nuendo in the companion interface and I can’t see a way to just run key combinations from buttons. (i’m on MacOS)

I’ve searched high and low for tutorials and guides but i’m empty handed. I’ve been looking into running scripts but that is a deep dark rabbit hole. Even though i’m willing to dive in, I’m just not at all familiar with how one does this through shell commands; don’t know where to start. The XML files for the Logical Editor in Nuendo don’t really help me understand.

Is what i’m trying possible? Am I going about this the wrong way?
All I want to do is press a button on the emulator and to run a key combination to then run a macro or PLE preset.

Any help would be greatly appreciated