Guide bar numbers disappeared in galley view


I suddenly lost all the galley view bar numbers for one flow of my project. (I have checked that the “view bar numbers” options in the view menu is checked for both galley and page view).

It only affected the current flow, not the other flows in my project.

It happened after I was experimenting with "bar number change"s at a certain point – I had added two bar number changes, and then decided I didn’t want them, and deleted them. But the guide bar numbers completely disappeared from the whole flow and I can’t figure out how to get them back (in galley view).

I do have some simple local/global time signature differences between staves in this flow, not sure if that is part of the problem – but before I tried to add the bar number change, Dorico was showing bar numbers on the different staves as expected for that situation.

If I switch to page view, they are there, and if I switch to engrave mode, they are there as well. The problem is only write-mode galley view.

thanks in advance!

Can you attach a zipped version of the .dorico file (or a segment of the file) that demonstrates the problem? That is the easiest way for the very knowledgeable folks here to see what is wrong and help you.

That’s the reason. If you have local time signatures, in general you will have different bar numbers on different staves of the score, and Dorico doesn’t try to make sense of that in galley view.

What confuses me is that I saw it making sense of them fine in galley view for a while before they all disappeared. And they disappeared for the 80 or so bars before the first local time signature is introduced as well.

It was only when I added and then deleted a bar number change that it stopped showing me bar numbers at all.

If you’d like us to take a look, you can attach the project, but I think Rob’s diagnosis is correct.