Guide for new users: call for testers

Evening all,

As has been hinted for a little while, and eagle-eyed manual fans might have suspected when the previous “First steps” chapter quietly disappeared from the 3.5 manual, I’ve been working on re-imagining this chapter as a separate guide tailored for Dorico beginners.

The revamped “First steps” guide has now been fully drafted, and to check that I’ve got the tone, content, and level of support about right, we’re keen to get feedback from actual Dorico beginners.

If you have friends, family, or colleagues who are interested in Dorico but haven’t really used it yet, we would love them to get in touch and road-test/beta-test the guide and give us feedback on their experience using it.

Interested parties can email @dspreadbury - his email being d (dot) spreadbury (at) steinberg (dot) de - to receive the relevant materials.

Many thanks!


May I ask - where or to whom would you like any comments or questions directed?

Love the swift enthusiasm! And thanks for checking. Daniel will be sending round a link to a feedback form soon.

I’m guessing it’s in English only (for the “beta”)? I’ve got a few German speaking colleagues, which might be interested.

Huh! I’m a beginner all right so maybe some enthusiasm is justified. I haven’t come to the paragraph yet that says “Now take 2 aspirins”!

Yes, it’s English-only at the moment - once we’ve finalised it with any improvements that come up from this feedback, we’ll send it out for translation.