Guiding Star

Hi all,

Here’s the result of another very enjoyable collab I had with Jet.

Built upon an idea I had 15 years ago or so.
With Jet’s huge help the idea is now complete :smiley:
(big thanks again, Jet! :wink: )

Hope you enjoy

Mix bits-

Drums/Keys - HalionOne
Bass - Trilian
Guitars-Fender Lonestar, Jet’s Les Paul
Acoustic- Taylor mic’d with an AT AE3000

Plugs- T-racks3
G/Rig3 (basic Orange set up)
Verb- REVerence.
Jet’s Dolby mastering :stuck_out_tongue:

Really well done, positive message…killer mix. What did you use for mastering, I am trying to learn more about it

Nice, good work on that halion drumkit as well, didn’t know they could sound this well!

Thanks very much :wink:

I placed four T-racks plugins on the stereo bus,
classic EQ
Vintage 670 comp
Vintage EQ
Opto comp

Neither compressor working that much, half a db if that.
Just looking at the classic EQ setting, and im a little shocked at what id done.
I’d chopped off all the top end :astonished: . Hi-cut at 6.5Khz then a 1.8db high shelf at 8Khz
Yet it doesnt sound dull for the amount chopped off :confused:
(im still learing too! lol)

Then Jet run the mix through his Otari unit and Waves L1 (no dithering on this mix yet)

Thank you Strophoid, yeah, Halion aint too bad really. Ive got BFD2 but have really struggled to make it sound
any good :blush: :frowning: . I intend to go back to it, so I can make use of the OH and room mics etc, which I feel im missing using Halion for drums.

Sounds great! Nice job guys.

Nice… very nice :sunglasses: I like the arrangement, the lyrics (of course!), Jet’s unmistakable delivery and style. Good job all round actually…AND while the mix generally sounds good, everything has it’s place, nicely balanced etc etc I find that the overall tone did seem a tad brash to me, a little too ‘brittle’… that’s surprising too given the processing. Perhaps mostly attributable to the main riff/rhythm guitars??

I think personally I would have preferred an even softer/warmer finish to this song…


Thank you, J.L! :wink:

Cheers, Ian! :sunglasses:

I’m confident the uncompressed version is softer/warmer. PM sent, let know what you think! :wink:
If its still a little brash, erm… :open_mouth: :neutral_face: :frowning: :cry:

What is Otari unit is it hardware? Was L1 used as maximizer (hope I said that right lol)

Good stuff Sav, and Jet of course :sunglasses:

Hi Kenny, yep, it’s a hardware unit, Otari 2-track (reel to reel)
Final mix is recorded to tape, then back into Cubase.

I’m gunna stick my neck on the block and go with -as a Limiter
Hopefully Jet will correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:


Cheers Phil :wink: :sunglasses:

nice to hear something from you sav. cool track, dig how the guitar swells up around 2;27, really like the sound on that floor tom. seemed short enough to add a 20 sec lead section :blush: :laughing:

Hey Bob,
Cheers for the listen and comment! :wink:

Yeah, I think its been about 6 months since the last song Jet and I worked on together.
We’ve been working on this last few months, ive been on hoilday, having a ‘big’ birthday,
buying guitars, having more hoildays…kinda busy really… I cant multi-task, thats why
ive not been in here for a little while :laughing:

One of Jet’s many great ideas and handy work right there! :wink:

hehe, that made me chuckle. Just before I finished the mix, I tweeked the floor tom
a little. The idea came from a Missing Andy song ‘Kings for the weekend’ (a band ive followed
for a few years now) Cant put a link here due to the rules, but if you Youtube the offical vid
for the song, at 1.59 listen to the tom. The engineer leaves the tom ringing, which I thought
ahh :bulb: thats a clever idea :nerd:
So I tried to do something similar using EQ and reverb. Sorry for the long explanation, but it was one
of those tweeks you do in a mix and ya kinda feel chuffed with it, and you think no one will ever notice it,
so kinda found it funny that you mentioned the tom :laughing: :wink: Same with the bass slide at the beginning, the slide was a real
bass (cheap and nasty one :laughing: ) then Trilian for the rest, thought it blended together nicely :ugeek: :smiley:

Next time!! :wink: :smiley:

birthdays, holidays, buying guitars, sounds great man!
yes that tom sound is cool and you did the perfect match, geez I could make a song from that tom sound :laughing:
jets voice has a natural emotion and feel to it, good stuff.

:laughing::confused: erm…don’t I have some kinda ‘tom sound’ copyright protection on that? :smiling_imp::laughing:

Go for it…I challenge you to make a song out of it! :laughing:


Cheers, Bob!


Hey sav,

Good song! You and Jet did a great job together.
It’s well produced and sounds very good. :sunglasses:

Thanks for sharing,

Thank you for the listen and kind words, Wim! :wink: :sunglasses:

It was a pleasure to work with Sav on this tune.
I thank him for the opportunity to compose the lyrics.
I also think he nailed the mix. :wink:

Cheers my friend!


the style reminds me of Hootie and the blowfish … nice!

The pleasure was all mine, Jet! Cheers matey! :wink:

Hi and thanks for the listen. Not heard of that band before, but will check them out.

H&TBF were (are?) quite a good outfit.