Guiro stave triggering wrong midi note?!

Hi all,

This has completely done my head in for about two days.

I give a percussion player a Guiro - add a note - plays the wrong sound (plays short guiro, not long).

I go through all the percussion maps - says Guiro long is D5 (yep, play that note on the midi keyboard - correct sound). I open the VST (HaLion sonic, all default - GM129 stereo GM kit) when I play the note on the guiro score it triggers C#5 (you can see it action on the virtual keyboard at the bottom).

So, I created a new empty percussion map added guiro, natural technique, note D5. Set the Guiro player to use this new percussion map…still plays C#?!?

Someone in a previous forum wanted a guiro for which someone at Dorico posted one as an example. When I open this, it plays as it should…D5, long guiro. Nothing between that project and the one I create appears to be different.

Can someone create a Guiro stave and check if it plays C# or D5, as it should?

Using Dorico 5 on Mac, HaLion Sonic 7, all up to date.

Welcome to the forum, David!

Can you attach a cut down version of your project for us to take a look at?

Thanks, Daniel.

Do you mean a screenshot of some kind? Pardon the ignorance!


Nope - the actual project, so we can explore!