Guitar aligning with track

I’m very new to Cubase 13, I feel I’m gradually getting the basic idea. With the help of some tuition videos I’ve managed to create tracks with Halion and Groove Agent. I’m also starting to record my own instruments. My question is, when I record guitar or bass, there’s a slight delay on the recorded guitar or bass. Not even a second, but audibly a tiny bit behind the beat. Is there a fix for this, or do I need to start playing a second earlier?

Normally, you shouldn’t get any audible delay, unless you are still using a Pentium 4 from the beginning of the century… And I’m used to guitar recording with Cubase.

Another case could be that there is something wrong with your setup. So, what is your system components and OS (a screenshot of your Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System panel would be welcomed) ?

Additionaly, could you post a screenshot of the arrange view with an audio track used for a guitar/bass recording selected and its inspector visible ? There are some plug-ins (even some Steinberg ones - i.e. Imager) that can add a lot to the signal flow latency and I would like to be sure that it isn’t the case.

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Thanks for the tips, I’ve been working more on it today, and the more I practice it seems to be just a question of timing and getting myself playing tighter with a track. All part of the learning curve. Thanks for responding anyway.

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