Guitar Amp Modelling and DI BOX issues

QUESTION SUMMARY FOR THE PRACTICAL MINDED: I have Steinberg Ci2. I get awful sounds when I try to use virtual amp softwares. Do I need also a DI BOX? I tried everything I know to get a decent metal sound without any luck.

Hello everyone. This is my first thread here I’ve ever opened. I’ve never needed to do so before since I’ve found nearly all the answers I needed so I even have not logged in before. But I assure you, I’m grateful for that. Thank you all.

Before anything I say, I must inform anyone willing to help that I am ULTIMATELY NOVICE for house-recording and audio technologies.

So, let me proceed with my question:

I have Steinberg Ci2 -which’s been pretty good for me throughout my little past experience- and recently I’v been into guitar amplifier modelling. So that’s when things get complicated for me.

I’ve searched the net. I’ve watched many tutorial videos. I purchased books about audio technology and digital recording. However, I could not find anything to help me answer why I always get awful sound when I attempt to record electric guitars.

Few moments ago, before I began to write this post, I came across a video tutrial, in which one guy uses Focusrite interface with a DI box. The Focusrite interface which the guy used has a led light around the input gain knob that turns red when the signal is too high. He overcomes the problem with a DI Box.

So, here’s my question: Do I need a DI BOX to get good / realistic metal guitar tones?

If not, what can I do to achieve good quality tones? (I learned many things about it but since the results I get mostly suck, I wonder if I miss anything.)

My Configuration is:

Steinberg Ci2

Sad sad Cort X2 electric guitar.
TS 1/4" connector cable of unknown brand (Also looks like a sad one :smiley: )

Cubase 6 AI
Guitar Rig 5
Amplitube 3
Amplitube Metal
(Lots and lots of 3rd party free plugins like LePoulin’s stuff)

Windows 7 64bit Laptop with i3 Core and 3gb’s of Ram
And lots of SATA HDD space

If those willing to help need further information, please ask. I’m more than willing to provide you with the correct and detailed information.

No you don’t need a DI box as the Ci2 has a Hi Z input on channel 1 which is for guitar input.