Guitar auidio exported as right speaker and not mono or stereo

ive tried everything from converting it to mono, when I play it in the project it sounds mono or stereo, but when I export its only on my right speaker

You have provided absolutely no information which can help solve your problem.

Very strange.

Can be anything. Without any information, it’s only a blind guess what’s wrong.

  • Does play audio in your OS fine, same volume on both channels and in stereo? Also beware. if you got any software or plugins installed which interfere with sound on your system in general, like room correction plugins for example
  • Check your audio interface’s settings. If it uses a software mixer (like RME’s Total MixFx for example), this is another part you need to look that everything’s correct. Once I had a weird issue sound being 3 dB louder on the right channel over headphones, searched literally anything in Cubase and Windows. Turned out far simpler. I misconfigured the routing in TotalMixFx, with one simple double-click everything was fine
  • If this only occurs in Cubase: Go into your Audio Connections and ensure everything is setup correctly, especially the montors’ channels
  • And last but not least, be sure there are no unwanted panorama changes on any channel in Cubase, also that there are no plugins in any channel (especially the Stereo Out, or even post-fader in your Control Room) interfering with your stereo image

Then you probably export it panned to the right side only.