Guitar bends in Cubase Score Editor?

I don’t really know much about notation so I might as well starting by giving up and ask anyone who knows.
So …
Is there a correct way to notate guitar bends in the Score Editor.
What would be REEEEALLLY wonderful would be to have a bend in the score and a MIDI pitch bend in the Key Editor.
And yes ultimately it’s only for reading but sketching guitar parts in MIDI is a little frustrating.

also is there some total hack way to avoid that may work but is actually not a good idea in the end.

Told you! I have no idea about it! :blush: :laughing:


As far as the symbol itself, isn’t is basically a very short glissando? You can create an expression map symbol using the slanted lines in the symbols available in the art. drop down in the Articulations pane.

As far as pitch bend goes, you have to map a CC to it in the VST you’re using, as the exp map doesn’t send PB, and aftertouch etc.

Ah, good enough for the symbol! Thanks.

For the PB AT etc maybe in Cubase 10 ? ? ?
Or just watch the score and play …

I imagine that would be a large task, since those parameters are 14 bit values. And even if they implemented it, it wouldn’t help in this scenario (a guitar bend) since the value has to change over time.

You’re probably right about that. And it’s probably easier to just write the target note and tell the guitarist to aim for that via a little bendie thingie in the notes than overdo it in the code of the program. :slight_smile: