Guitar capo question

We guitarists often turn our instrument into a transposing instrument using a capotasto (capo for short). This will often mean that if we are accompanying a singer, we’d like the guitar to show a different key on the vocalpart from that on the guitar part (which ought also to have the untransposed vocal part above the transposed guitar part).
A common example of this kind of thing would be if we were playing music transcribed from the Renaissance lute, which was often tuned a likely second or third above the pitch of our modern guitar (not the whole story); I’d just stick a capo on for this, maybe even adjusting further to find a good key for a particular singer. The capo is an important part of the guitar world, and I find it a pressing matter as I am trying to make a vocal score of an opera I’ve written which has the voices supported by guitar instead of the traditional piano.
Is this something so obvious I’ve missed it, or can’t we do that yet? Or is there a quick and dirty workaround until we can?j

Hi John.

You can have a different key signature for the guitar and for vocal part.

Pick a key signature from the Key Signatures menu on the right, hold down Alt and click the stave where you want it to be inserted. But it won’t playback correctly.

Excellent! Thank you. I don’t care about playback at this stage (maybe when I orchestrate in a year or two). :slight_smile: j

Hi guys,

I work with a mixed group and frequently will have orchestra parts, vocal parts, guitar, bass guitar and keys. Often I need to capo the guitar, but not the bass and keys who may be just playing from the chord symbols. The workaround as described doesn’t seem to affect the chord symbol on the alternate part. For instance, key of F, system-wide chord symbols showing F major on a particular beat. When I change the guitar staff to key of D major (capo 3), the chord symbol does not change. If I try to change it on that staff, it changes system-wide. Any other suggestions? Hmmm, what if I change to a transposing instrument?

UPDATE - If make the player a transposing instrument, in this case alto sax, the chord symbols transpose.