Guitar effect on "Reunited"

Can any of you guitarists tell me how to get this guitar effect that was fairly common back in the 70’s especially in a lot of Soul music? It’s a kind of wah+tremolo effect and I can’t find any presets :laughing: that emulate it
reunited.mp3 (219 KB)

That’s keys, not guitar. :confused:

Sounds like a Leslie.

Or LFO on a synth patch.

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I think you’re right… now that I listen again.

whatever it is, it sure doesn’t sound like Heavy Metal. :laughing:

Oh! So if it’s keys, can anybody splain to me how you get that? Is it more some LFO than tremolo?

Sounds like mainly an lfo on a filter…

The Roland GR-500 Guitar Synth was made in 1978 .
" Reunited " was released in 1979 .

I used to play with an artist that had a big hit in the 70’s that had a similar sound. She was recorded in the South at either Muscle Shoals or Criterion in Miami. Point is I had to recreate that sound night after night and in tht case is was a guitar through a MuTron (Envelope Filter I think edit - or maybe the Bi-Phase) . It was a common trick then and the same sound

The sound I’m talking about is also predominant in the song “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” – it’s clearly a guitar and sounds like it’s going through a combination of wah and tremolo. The Bread song “If” also has this sort of sound

The sound on ‘Reunited’ sounds definitely like a synth (Moog).

On ‘Papa Was A Rolling Stone’ it’s a Wah-Wah.

On ‘If’ it’s probably a combination of tremolo and Wah-Wah.
I found this:

And Wikipedia says:

This song is often of interest to guitarists because of the unique tremolo/wah-wah effect on the electric guitar in the intro. One San Diego, California radio station in the early 1970s reported that the effect took months to produce. However, Bread used that effect live when playing the song in their concerts

I’ll bet London to a brick it’s one of these (or something similar).

I’m pretty confident, coz I used to own one, bought it new in 1976.
Could get the same effect easily.

FF through the rather cheezy narration to 2:30. :wink:

The reason why I posted previously about the Roland Guitar Synth was that I happened to come across it whilst researching this ;

I noticed it in the window of a local second-hand shop a couple of months back .
It is a Kay late 70s FX Les Paul copy .
Put a battery in , a new knob fitted , and it is fine . The volume control has a detente “Off” at the zero position .

Apparently at the time it was a sort of cheap response to the Roland , the Kay name was owned by the Japanese who made several similar instruments at the same factory but with different badges / brand names .
Anyway it all still works and I’m sure could make a similar sound to that which we are discussing .
( I can’t play it , I’m not a guitarist :stuck_out_tongue: )