Guitar fingerings slide-in & lines visibility

Dear all,

I have posted this on Facebook yesterday but given the urgency of the assignment I’m reporting these two questions here as well.

  1. Guitar fingerings, slide in: why this option is not available when one unchecks the “allow right-hand fingerings inside staff” in Engraving Options > Fingerings > Design > RH fingerings > Advanced?
    Why is this forbidden? If I set the slide-in when the box is checked and then uncheck it they remain. Am I missing something?
    I personally love the fingerings next to the note but as I’m adding them after doing the layout they are screwing the spacing so I need them to be above.

  2. Playing Techniques and Lines in different layouts: I saw I can turn on the “Hidden” property for Playing Techniques but it seems I am not allowed to do so for Lines.
    I need to add Position-String-Barré lines to the guitar part but I do not want them to show in the score as the conductor has no need for them.
    How can I hide them?

Thank you!

I’ve wrestled with this for a long time, here’s my correspondence with the team on this:

Good luck!

Thank you Benji.
Then I have no choice but export in XML and finish the work in Sibelius.
Yet … again …