Guitar Fret Indicator

Hi everybody,
I have a pretty basic question: how do I add guitar fret/position indicators (Roman numerals)? I am sure infos are to be found somewhere but I wasn’t able to find any.
thank you!

At the moment you have to make them yourself, as Playing Techniques. Like this:

On the right, in the list of Playing Techniques.
Right now, these are dumb, i.e. they are not connected to tablature, fingering or Chord Diagrams, but they can “play back”, if your guitar VST has keyswitches for neck position, mine has…


I did make some and mentioned them here…

and my latest userlibrary is
userlibrary.xml (260.5 KB)

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Thank you very much Benji and Andy!

Andy, how do I import your library?



Have a look a this link.
Some people seem to get it working - but not always - not sure why!