Guitar Fretboard Input Query

I have started to use fretboard input for some of my work as it saves me having to adjust the string/fret positions. However, I am a little mystified as to the rules governing input. From the manual I understood that the cursor doesn’t automatically move to the next designated note in the bar, one has to use the advance caret button or space bar. I also understood that to change note duration one had to physically select the new note value. Yesterday, however, the caret was automatically advancing to the next position and I was able to select the note duration by pressing the numbers on my keyboard. It wasn’t my imagination and I completed a document in this way which was much quicker. Today I have started a new document and can’t replicate this phenomenon! I have looked through the version revisions and can’t find any information on this. Any info would be gratefully received. Thanks.

Hard to say, but is it possible that you had Chord input activated? (Hitting the letter Q) This allows one to build a chord without having to use the Add Intervals popover - one can, with Q invoked - hit C-E-G-Bb, and the chord is written, and the cursor remains in place. Without Q, the cursor moves to the next rhythmic place. Sorry if I am telling you something you already know - it’s just a hunch based on your description.

For a guitar (or other fretted instrument) you will get different results depending on whether the caret is on a notation staff or on a tablature staff. Tablature staff input behaves a lot like chord mode, in that you have to move the caret forwards manually. See Inputting notes on tablature

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Thanks for your replies chaps