Guitar harmonics playback in Dorico 3.5


New Dorico user here currently thinking of switching from Sibelius, which I’ve used for many years.
So far I’m liking the way Dorico does things, but I’m currently writing a piece for classical guitar and horn and I can’t get Dorico to produce the sounds of natural harmonics in playback. The notes just play as regular notes even though I’ve switched on “nat. harmonics” in the properties window and the notation is correct.
This seems like a pretty basic feature that shouldn’t require a lot of fiddling around with the playback settings, so am I doing something wrong?

Best regards.

What sound library are you using? I don’t think the Halion classical guitar has harmonics; hence, it plays back pitches as normal ones. NotePerformer, an inexpensive library that many Dorico users does include these sounds.

If you are using a library that does have harmonic patches, you can upload a part of the piece, and someone can take a look at it to see what might be preventing proper playback.

The default patch doesn’t have harmonic sound in it, but there’s another one that does.

  • In HSSE, load ‘Nylon Guitar VX’ instead of the default patch,
  • In the Endpoint Setup dialog (the cog button in the VST Instruments panel), set the Expression Map to HSSE Nylon Guitar VX.

Thank you very much, both of you!
I tried messing around with the patch and Expression Map on my own beforehand, but didn’t end up with the right results, however your guidelines did the trick :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking of looking into getting NotePerformer at some point as well, but enjoy discovering all the default options at the moment.

Thank you for your swift responses, this forum is a huge asset to an already excellent piece of software.