Guitar Harmonics

Downloaded the free version but when I click on edit, it tells me I need an upgraded plug-in. Halion or the VST? Or is it just because it’s the free version? Any info? And thanks.

See this thread: It looks like the main thread.

It’s really a HALion thing. You want to have HALion Sonic SE up to date, I think. (Or whatever level of HALion you’re using.) HALion Sonic SE is part of Cubase, so that implies having Cubase up to date. You also have to run the eLicenser control center. A new version of that was released Oct 5 2018.

I THOUGHT I just updated to 9.5.4, maybe I just downloaded it and didn’t install. Cannot wait for HALion 3 to go on sale.

okay, I had updated to 9.5.4 but when I tried to reload, it said the Hal Sonic SE had not updated so I updated it again. Still, same error. GAH