Guitar harmonics


Can I write natural harmonics as in the picture in Dorico? I find it more convenient as it shows the player how the harmonics are going to be played instead of what the pitches of the harmonics are. It’s much easier to read and it would be awesome if I could write harmonics this way using Dorico.

Welcome to the forum, Isak. You can write harmonics as you wish pretty easily in Dorico, unless I’m missing something. Take a look at the attached simple example. (263 KB)

I think what’s intended is this

but I think that’s an unusual notation in the OP

But the playback isn’t right or is that due to the fact that I don’t have dorico 3.5 yet. Right now I’m using Dorico 3 pro.

Is the first note the 1st string with a harmonic made at the 5th fret?

Yes that is correct! But if I write the harmonic that way in dorico it will sound as an A. Is there any way to make it sound as the fourth partial E it is?

Yes. Write the open strings in the rhythm you need, then in the properties panel, make them artificial harmonics, using partials. Then you cna adjust each note for the correct partial, e.g. The first note will be partial 4

I’d want to see this notated like this:

[edit] actually, maybe without the circle harmonics in the first bar…

Personally, I’d like something like this, with the strings indicated. These are natural harmonics, after all.

Not sure that I love the placement of the string indication in relation to the 8va, but that is easily tweaked (shown here is the Dorico default).


As for this specific request, I’m thinking that the way to go about it is to define new playing techniques based on the string indicators to get the note names in the circles. From there, it should be pretty simple to notate it the way you want.

Yes, that looks clear.

For guitar harmonics, it is always a good practice to include both the string indication as well as fret. The shape of the notepad, or the circle above, are of course helpful. In the end, however, there will be miscommunication unless there is a clear definition of fret and string. No one will be bothered that it has been made clear to the performer!