Guitar Input not working

Hi everyone,
I have been trying to record my guitar for Cubase 7 lately, and it was working smoothly a week ago with the VST Line 6 POD Farm and others… A week later after I went on Cubase it does not work anymore. I will explain the details.
I am running my setup from my guitar to my front mic on my computer with a guitar cable. (one side a 3.5mm headphone jack, other end a 1/4in jack) I want my guitar to run through to Cubase, but instead it goes straight through my speakers with a clean signal, and it looks like Cubase isn’t recognizing my guitar input, although I’ve verified the input jack through Cubase already. My audio driver is ASIO4ALL v2 which worked perfectly a week ago with Cubase and my guitar.
If someone could help that would be much appreciated, I’ve been struggling with this for a while and my trial is running out. :cry:
Thanks! -Legion

Hello Legion,

The whole idea of using the onboard sound card instead of a dedicated ASIO-compatible audio interface is a bit scary, but since you say it used to work before, I take your word for it.

Also, if you have a non-trial version of Cubase, please use it for the test I’m about to suggest, so that you shouldn’t waste your trial time. Version number doesn’t matter here.

Try to change/disable your onboard audio device as the main input/output device in Windows Control Panel. I assume you have set the VST Audio System and VST Connections under Cubase’s Devices menu correctly. This is not a tried and true solution. Just a suggestion.

Good luck.

Hi ipanema,
Thanks for your concern to this problem, do you know exactly where I go in the control panel to change my onboard audio device? From what it looks like here, I think mine is Realtek High Def. audio. I will try to disable this and get back to you to see if it works. Thanks!!

Hi ipanema,
It worked! I disabled my onboard audio device so it would work with Cubase. Thank you so much for solving this problem because my trial only has 22 days left. :laughing: Much appreciated. Works perfectly again.
Thanks again, -Legion

Hi Legion,

Glad to have been of help.
You are most welcome.