Guitar keeps dropping out during recording/10.5

My friend set up a template for me for when I want to record raunchy guitar. Unfortunately, whenever I try to record, at some point the sound drops out and recording grinds to a halt.

Here’s what I can tell you, as I don’t understand a lot of this stuff (but I did record many songs using Cuebase 4 and was getting pretty good with it for my limited purposes before it became obvious I needed an upgrade):

  1. I am playing my guitar through a Steinberg UR22mkII audio interface
  2. Drop-outs don’t seem to happen when the distortion is not enabled. However, playing without the distortion, what is the correct musical term?, sucks. I NEED IT!

Any idea of a workaround for this? My friend doesn’t know what the problem is, he’s not really a Cuebase expert, not a guitar player or user of distortion - although he did somehow hep me set up a fantastic template. Getting him over to my place is very difficult right now due to work.

Thanks for any suggestions,


Do you use any track preset or a project template? Is there a Gate plug-in (or a Gate module within any Dynamics plug-in) involved? If yes, try to disable/bypass it, please.

You can also try to increase the UR22’s Buffet Size.

Hi, Martin.Jirsak,

I did increase the Buffer Size all the way up to 200+.

My friend did set up a template. So, I tried to create an entirely new project, but now I’ve run into a very familiar problem: no signal when I play my guitar. When this happens I can never figure out the cause.


Double-check the Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs. What can you see (a screenshot), please? Do you add a Mono Audio track to the project?

Sorry, first time doing a screenshot.

I usually do use Mono Audio tracks to record guitar, yes.


What happens if you click the yellow Not Connected, please?

Try to increase it to the max setting, please.

I get a box that says both inputs are “Not Connected,” with a checkmark next to “Not Connected”,


Open Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System. Select the Steinberg Yamaha ASIO Driver, please.

Not seeing that option

Upload a screenshot of your options in the ASIO driver dropdown, please.

Having technical difficulties

Jesus Christ

I’m sorry, I can’t seem to screenshot that.

Also, my tendinitis is beginning to really act up. I may have to call it a night.

Thank you all for your help. I may just have to get my friend back over here and hope he can figure something out, unless you have another suggestion. I really appreciate the help, but my hands are killing me.


No worries! You can edit your posts with the pencil icon under your post, btw. No need to create new ones when something unexpected happens :wink:

Here are instructions on how to take screenshots on OSX. Hope that helps.

Ok, take good care of yourself!
And let us know someday if you found a solution or if you are still stuck with this problem!