Guitar muffled/mute chords in slash voice

Usually, muffled chords in guitar notation are represented by an “x” notehead. In Dorico, I have managed to use the “x” notehead for chords showing each individual note.

However, is there a way to make a slash voice with a big “x” notehead in Dorico?

For example, I used both rhythm slash and change voice to change this phrase into slash, But both show the same result, which is that everything is turned into a regular slash despite if it’s an “x” or regular notehead.

Is it possible to make a “x” slash in dorico?

Have you tried using dead notes for the muffled chords? (I’m assuming you changed the notehead using the Edit > Notehead option?)

I don’t think you can have X slash noteheads, but you could instead use a regular voice with changed noteheads for the slashes.

Just had a try with dead notes. I think the dead note does the same thing essentially as the Edit > Notehead option, at least from what it looks like, which is unfortunately not what I was looking for.

I still wish to be able to have an “X” slash function in Dorico, maybe allow the dead note option to turn a slash voice into an X slash in future?

To be clearer, I was looking for something that can gives a slash like the picture, but just replace the big slash to a big X, so it’s not only represents the chord and rhythm, but also shows it’s articulated to be a muffled chord.

Yes, that was the second part of my reply - that instead of using a slash voice, use a regular voice and change the noteheads of both the slashes and cross-slashes.

In that case. will the slash and cross still show each individual note or as a whole? I had a try but it shows all individual notes still. I am not sure if I did it right. (I am working with chords not single-note line)

The reason for me to use slash is to simplify vertically so individual notes in a chord can be comprised to a single slash or cross for the ease of reading, otherwise, I personally don’t see the point of slash on all individual notes except for special articulation maybe.

If you only want to show one note with a slashed notehead instead of a chord of e.g. 3 notes, then just have one note - delete any others in the chord you don’t need.