Guitar notation: extended stem from top note

Hello all,

Can anyone suggest the best, most efficient way to create the following, fairly common, guitar notation where a stem is extended below a single note to suggest the top note of of a chord?
Guitar stem.jpg

I think probably adding the lower suggested pitch as a normal note, then selecting that notehead and setting its custom scale factor to 1% in the Properties panel should do the job.

Thanks Daniel, that’s worked a treat.

Along a related theme, what’s the best way to enter a slash note with an arpeggio line, such as in the following example? When you convert a region to slash notation, the arpeggio line is hidden. I could write a single note and change the notehead, but ideally I would like the whole chord to sound on playback.
Chord symbol arpeggio.jpg

There’s an option for showing arpeggio lines on slash notation in Engraving Options, on the Arpeggio Signs page (down at the bottom).