Guitar notation - How to adjust volume for separate voices in a guitar notation?

Guitar notation - How do you adjust volume for separate voices of a guitar notation? If I for example want the treble voice stronger while the bass voice is soft? / Frans Mossberg

You can use independent voice playback for this:

You will also need to ensure you assign dynamics to only one voice:

Very smart solution, thanks Daniel!

Maybe I’m blind, but where in that manual link that Daniel provided does it actually say how to enter voice-specific dynamics? :thinking:

From what I understand you have to go to the “Play” page and tick the “Independant voice playback” button at the main track, then two new tracks appear where you can adjust volume on each separately (in the mixer) or velocity for individual notes.

Yeah, maybe, but Daniel’s terminology is usually very precise, so when he talks about “dynamics”, as opposed to velocity or volume, he’s likely referring to score markings like p or f… :thinking:

Maybe he’ll step in and clarify… :wink:

IIRC The way to assign different dynamics to different voices (once they are being sent to different MIDI channels) is to confirm the dynamic with ALT+ENTER.

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Ah, like usual, good to know!
@Lillie_Harris This should be mentioned in the passage Daniel quoted, shouldn’t it?


Consistent with our style for documentation structure, the step-by-step instructions for inputting voice-specific dynamics are included in the steps for inputting dynamics in general, just like inputting staff-specific time signatures is included as an option on the pages about inputting time signatures.

You’ll find links to the different instructions for inputting dynamics with the popover and panel at the bottom of the page Daniel linked.

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Don’t worry, I was able to read your original argument, which is always useful to hear I suppose, even if the end result is you coming to the conclusion I had already explained :wink: (i.e. there are indeed relevant links on the page, and searching the manual for “voice dynamic” brings up the “inputting” task as the result directly below the reference page)

If you ever do come across actual places in the manual that don’t have relevant links at the bottom of the page to something important referenced on the page, feel free (and please do) let me know about them.

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