Guitar Notation, Tab, Manual

As many users here , I 'm really disappointed:
The tutorial videos are just a very quick overview, no way to real help, specially when you’re not a native speaker.
The input of single voices is really easy, but when I start to write scores for guitar with many voices in one staff, it’s, really hard.
Would you please add detailed manuals for different situations,

I hope you will implant Tab !!!

My first impression is, that really spirited developers overtax the user, who is more a musician than a software expert.
I wish the Team of Dorico, that their work will develop in a more user-friendly way, see above.
Waiting for really good help. Please excuse my bad English.

Dorico was announced to come without Tabs, etc, especially “modern” notation. You could have wait till these features are in…
For me Dorico is the future of Scoring.
Best wishes

I’m sorry you’re disappointed, How.

To start a new voice in note input, type Shift+V. You will see the little note to the left of the caret flip its stem to the other direction, and show a + (plus sign). You’ve now prepared to start a new voice. Now input as normal. When you want to switch back to the original voice, simply type V again.

We will definitely support guitar tablature in future, but it is not part of Dorico at the moment.

Can you give an estimation on when guitar tabs will be expected to be available?

No, I’m sorry, I can’t. I realise how frustrating that is, but I don’t want to make a promise that we end up not being able to keep.