Guitar Output Problem with Line 6 POD 2.0

I’m having trouble with the output of my POD. Basically, I have the guitar connected directly to the computer via an M-Audio Audiophile 2946 sound card, but whenever I plug it in, I can hear the guitar, regardless of whether cubase is open or not. It’s only happened since the last time I switched off my computer, does anybody know of any solutions to this problem? Maybe a few dial changes? I’ve adjusted quite a few trying to get it to work but no cigar. It makes it hard to record guitar in CE5 because it’s so much louder than all the other tracks too. I just want to be able to hear it when connected to an audio track, not whilst I’m on facebook and Cubase isn’t even open.


Well, not really a Cubase Problem then, so wrong forum…
Obviously you have monitoring through your audiocard enabled. Read Up on monitoring in its manual…

+1… Yep definitely not a cubase issue… you should become familiar with the concept of ‘direct monitoring’ and your MAudio mixer panel which is deceptively powerful! i had a delta1010 for years!
PLENTY of info in both the cubase and MAudio manuals on this.