Guitar pedalboard pic.

Aloha guys,

This one has been making the ‘intertoob’ rounds.



Six by sixteen or thereabouts? 96 boxes? I really would like to hear what it sounds like with all of them turned on. Looks like they’re all Boss pedals.

Dumbest thing I’ve seen in ages (besides most threads on these forums :wink: )

Moron could have done the same with a GT-10 and saved a klonk load of batteries. :unamused:

Really? You can hear exactly the same sound by tuning your radio between the stations and listening to it :stuck_out_tongue:

So sorta like Megadeth then!

Sorta … but I don’t think Megadeth is as musical :smiling_imp:

Guys … guys … c’mon … the point IS NOT to turn all of them on a once! If you were cooking a dish, you wouldn’t dump ALL of the spices from the spice rack into the pot at once, would you? Of course not! The object is to use the spice (or combination of spices) needed for a particular recipe. Thus, the better equipped your spice rack, the broader palette of dishes you can prepare. Same goes for pedalboards. A typical nights worth of bar-band gigging of popular songs may have 96 effects scattered throughout. If you are serious about putting forth the best and most authentic performance, it is essential to have ALL those pedals on your board. Naturally, it should go without saying that one needs to carry a back-up pedalboard of equal proportion to every gig in case something fails on the main board. :wink:

Of course I would :smiling_imp: … but then, I don’t have 96 different spices in my spice rack :laughing:

As essential is to have couple of different Les Paul models, Strat, Tele, Rick, ES-335 and few others; a Marshall stack (or two), Twin, AC30, Hiwatt, JC-60 … I’m happy I’m not a roadie of a bar-band :unamused:

Anyone care to work out how many different ways of plugging them together there is, assuming the output from one is only allowed to be plugged into the input of another. :smiling_imp:

The answer is 96!
But that’s a mathematical “!” meaning factorial, ie. 96x95x94x93x…x3x2x1.
(96 options for the first one, 95 for the second (because one has gone), 94 for the third, etc.)
Which comes to about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,

That’s 150 zeroes.

I wonder if the owner has tested all the combinations :sunglasses:

I wonder how he made sure he’s tested all the combinations :sunglasses:

Looks like he started with the echo.


Assuming about £2 per battery (bulk buy) thats £192 of batteries or one whopping power supply :laughing:

Give that duck a loaf of bread :mrgreen:

That should keep the dude busy for a week or two :laughing:

Of course if you start to put in FX loops and bypass switching… STOP

That’s 95 ! (96 times less.) Just pointing it out before you start start testing the first 1.0329978488239059262599702099395e+148 permutations only to find you’ve still got 96 times as many again to get through.

Yes please.

I prefer Amplitube! :sunglasses:

although it’s ONLY 51 stompboxes if I had the rest of the gear as hardware I’d probably have to move out myself! :laughing:

Roadie for that dude needs scale and half.

That will be one nice sobriety test after a few beers …

let’s not talk signal to noise ratio here … :astonished: :unamused:


bleh, clearly a punk rocker … so how can you tell signal from noise? :smiling_imp:

what is punk rock?