Guitar / Piano "Loops" (or flexphrase, or apreggiator)

First a little background info - happy user of Cubase 8.5, and have been using the Halion Sonic SE that comes with it for quite some time.

When I write new songs (pop songs most of the time) and try to create demos, I still find myself spending lots of time manually creating what I would call “Guitar and Piano Loops” - basically by manually playing my keyboard controller to enter the MIDI data then editing them slowly and painfully until it sounds good.

The built-in flexphraser that I get with Halion Sonic SE doesn’t even come close to what I need in terms of its flexibility - e.g. for different time signature (6/8 for example) I can’t even find one single Halion Sonic SE flexphrased instrument that suits my purpose, and of course I have zero ability to edit the sequence.

And the Arpache MIDI inserts are basically a joke… :unamused:

But I really want to speed things up and I am sure with tools that allows me to modify and insert loops in different time signatures (4/4, 6/8 are the two common ones) it would help a great deal. Should I consider buying Halion Sonic 3 just because of this?

Any input welcome !!