Guitar Pitch Bend After Tie

I added a pitch bend as so on a guitar line:


However, if I try to tie the half note to the sixteenth note (because I don’t want the repluck), the pitch bend is removed. If I readd it, the pitch bend does not play back correctly.

Is there a way to do this, or at least get it notationally looking right even if the playback is off? Is this something fixed in future versions of Dorico?

I don’t know what I was doing differently, but I was able to add the tie without deleting the pitch bend. There’s still the repluck in the playback, but that’s good enough for me!


This looks like the second time, you added a slur not a tie.

I imagine the reason for this is that when you tie notes together, what happens is “two become one” and what were two separate notes become one, single note entity. The earliest note’s settings take precedence, and because in this case the first note wasn’t the start of the bend, essentially the bend loses its tether and gets deleted.

Gotcha. Well, I guess the slur is the best option then because it looks like a tie to a player, yet the playback is close enough to what I want. Thanks a lot!

You could also try putting the start and end notes of this tied pair in separate voices, then tie-ing them together? I’d expect the playback of the bend to remain as expected, although I confess I’ve not tried that in Dorico myself.

As one might predict, Lillie’s solution works.

Awesome! Glad I got it to look nice and sound right! Thanks @Lillie_Harris and @Derrek !

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