Guitar playalong question

Hi All

Im sorry if this is a duplicate question but perhaps im unable to frame it correctly to find a result. Essentially, when I write, i like to lay down a guitar track then “jam” over it by leaving my input monitor on while listening back. However, in cubase, it appears i can either listen to what I recorded or play guitar, i cant hear my “live” guitar while playing my recorded track back. Is the only solution to create a guitar “scratch track?” that I switch to instead?

Thanks all!
Fyi using macbook pro and aggregate audio device of fractal fm9 and audient evo.

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If your audio interface supports it, you could use direct monitoring to listen to the input signal while playing back the track.
As I don’t have a Mac, I have no idea whether that works with aggregated devices, though.

You could add some more Audio Tracks to play live on - the same Input can be routed to multiple Tracks at the same time. In my Templates I have an Audio Track that is dedicated to monitoring the Input signal and not used for recording.