Guitar Playing Fetuses!!!

Cool!!. :slight_smile: Their mummies would be proud!!

Yo nintendo!

Awwwwwwww Man … this is scary-sweet

I get email 'bout my gf’s medical condition being even more problematic than we’d expected.

Now I this you posted … and like … no way am I feeling happy, but you’ve brought a bit of warmth back. Thank feck.

All the best

Cheers, 'bro, I’ll email you the update

That’s what I thought. You can, as you probably know, get 1/2 size and 3/4 size guitars too. :slight_smile:

Don’t know about sweet but that’s a pretty disturbing video…

abnormal at best

Sorry to hear about this, Zenda. I hope all turns out well soon.

but is it?

I find those little girl beauty pageants, or where parents indoctrinate their kids into religious cults far more disturbing.

Is getting their kids to rigorously practice an instrument any more than than sending them to school to learn stuff hours a day

If the practicing AND the school is a part of a cult in a country obeying the demigod who’s name includes “Kim” I think it doesn’t mattter. :confused:

“One nation under Kim”

“In Kim we trust”

Yeah I can see what you mean. :slight_smile:

true, but many kids are abused anyway.

Should we autonomically assume that becuase a child is displaying a skill that taken many hours of practise that it’s done so under force?

Maybe these kids really love the music.

As far as “religious cults” THAT I find disturbing PERIOD…imagine forcing the belief of the tooth fairy well into adulthood…or that the world is flat. I find it unbelieveable that such superstition can thrive in these modern times. Yet, there are millions of religious followers, people who are affraid to walk under ladders or break mirrows, they throw salt over their shoulders, are affraid to say outloud what ‘could happen’ because they believe by ‘saying it’ it WILL happen…many other examples of losing touch with reality. What was the latest? Oh, it was some kid had a near death experience and he talked with jesus, and his parents, (father just happends to be a pastor) are actually believe themselves and are reinforcing this dellusional fantasy…pure insanity…madness!

I deliberately walk under ladders these days. Deliberately stir with a knife, etc, etc.

In the music store I hang out at there’s been an upsurge in very young kids learning guitar. I asked the teacher about it, and he said in each case, the kid asked their parents if they could learn guitar.

When I see these little kids carrying their guitars back to the practice rooms for a lesson, I often tell them, “Boy, if I had started learning guitar when I was your age, I might actually be good by now!”

indeed. I started when I was 13. Wish I’d have started younger.

Those kids remind me of the film Village Of The Dammed… :open_mouth:

Another similar case…

Heres some clips i stumbled across a little while back. There’s like 20 or 30 clips of this kid on Youtube. good laugh to check out, although i gotta say s–hit whats he gonna be like by 25???